We’ve Tried Web Hosting Hub

We’ve Tried Web Hosting Hub

So we have recently given a try to Web Hosting Hub. Based on it’s online reputation, it’s a pretty hot hosting company with every feature you can imagine. Let’s take a look at the details.

Regular Backups

Let’s start with a very important feature and that is backup. Every reputable hosting company should make sure that the data of their clients are safe. That goes for RAID storage, security against hackers, and last but not least, regular backups in case any of the previous fails. Web Hosting Hub passes that test as they do regular backups.

Value vs. Cost

How valuable you find the services of Web Hosting Hub are all relative. But for the money Web Hosting Hub asks, there is hardly a better package on the market. The value is more than reasonable for the money.

Premium Services

Compared to a free hosting account of a free blog, the advantages are quite obvious. The first and utmost important is the over the clock support. When something goes wrong, there is always someone at the other end ready to help you.

You also get an uptime guarantee. Your web site is guaranteed to be online for a very high percentage of time or your money back.

You won’t have limits with your accounts. Host any number of web sites, add as many domains to your account as you want. There is no limit on MySQL accounts either.

No VPS at the Moment

One thing I found a bit lacking is that they don’t offer Virtual Private Server plans. I could use such a plan as the project I was working on needed a lot of resources but not that much that a dedicated server would be justified.

Some kind of virtualization technology must still be used by Web Hosting Hub, since it’s a lot of servers and a lot of customers.

Security for e-commerce

As I have already articulated, security is among the most important thing you should pay attention to. Web Hosting Hub knkows this, you can by an SSL certificate to make sure all transferred data is secured.

There are a lot of hosting services out there offering the same features. What makes Web Hosting Hub different is the quality it delivers.

What Other Reviews Say?

Most of the Web Hosting Hub reviews say that it’s a very simple but quite effective hosting service. It’s a one size fits all solution.

Customer service is praised all over the place. It’s the best feeling when you run into an issue and get just the help you need. It may be a little thing, or a very complicated matter. Support is there to help.

There is no such thing as unlimited. It doesn’t matter that the hosting companies use that term. There is actually a fair use policy in place for these web hosts. It means that above a certian usage, your hosting account may get suspended. I have gone through a lot of reviews and no one mentioned or complained about a suspension.

They also have a pretty active blog, where they share a lot of cool stuff and tutorials. Worth checking out for sure.

Some Web Hosting Hub reviews may sound like hype, however in most cases it’s actually reality. It’s a very solid service for a very good price. I can recommend it to everyone!