Cyber Monday Hosting Deals

Cyber Monday Hosting Deals

A short post on Black Friday and Cyber Monday and the kind of web hosting you should go for (and not). Make sure you check the best promotions of the website hosting industry while they last. The good news is some companies offer huge discounts. A2 Hosting is one of the best you can go for, so here are the  Black Friday / Cyber Monday A2Hosting Offers you don’t want to miss.

The Challenges of Starting a New Website

If you are new to starting your own website business you may be thinking well why would I pay for website hosting when I can get it for free? You have heard the saying nothing is really free. So I am here to tell you to be careful because you could lose everything in a blink of an eye.

Choose a Reliable Host

That’s right all your hard work flushed down the drain because you were to cheap to pay for web hosting. This is your business, don’t skimp out on the most important part of your business and that’s your website. So you may not have to pay money to get a free website and domain name but you can severely pay in other ways. In this article I will discuss why you shouldn’t get a free website and why you should pay for web hosting if starting your own website business on the Internet.

The Disadvantages of Going for Free Hosts

Let’s discuss some disadvantages of using a free website hosting company. These sites tend to go down a lot and the support on these websites are horrible so while you have been working hard on your website the support team is in no hurry to fix the problem. This is a big problem especially if this is your business and you are trying to make a living.

And There is Also the Long Time View

Speaking of your business…. If your website gets popular then it could be deleted or shut down without warning and without an explanation to you. You see these websites severely limit your bandwidth and your disk space so if your website gets big chances are that they can and will delete you. In fact most of these websites reserve the right to shut down your website for any reason. Why would you poor all your hard work into something that could be erased in a blink of an eye? Don’t it is not worth the risk. These websites are great for hobby sites or sharing stuff with friends and family but definitely not for your business.

Full Of Ads

Your free website will be crawling with ads that you will not make a penny for even though it is on your website. Seem unfair? Well it’s not that is how they keep there web hosting free. Instead pay a little bit for web hosting and put the ads you want on your own website and make a little extra money.

You also don’t have your own domain name you have to use theres which is unprofessional if you have a business for example

www. whatever the name of your website is. free web hosting. com

instead of

www. whatever the name of your website is. com

The second looks more professional and people will take your website more serious if you have a professional look about it. If you just want a hobby site then free web hosting is great but if it’s for business just don’t do it, it’s not worth losing everything you worked hard for.

Again, the good news is you can go for premium web hosting on Black Friday and Cyber Monday for much less than the usual price.

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